Autonomous structural monitoring systems

The next-generation materials, for the construction sector, will start our progression away from "heavy & brainless" structural parts and towards multifunctional products. Functionality will be incorporated in fibre-reinforced composites for sensor technology, energy storage and energy harvesting among others. Printed electronic active/passive sensors for structural control and real-time monitoring of structural behaviour of fibre reinforced polymer composite materials will increase their exploitation extending operational lifetime, reliability and robustness well above from the current solutions available at the market.

Products with new functionalities through embedding printed electronics flexible sensors will allow ACI to differentiate from competitors...

Decorative intelligent surfaces

The wearable and interior design markets are growing and changing fast, where a huge effort is being placed on implementation of electronic/intelligent functionalities. There are many novel devices, representing this trend, however, there are still many challenges. A major challenge is to optimise sensor and antenna components, which will require tailored nanomaterials.

Focus will be on novel nanomaterials for printing thermocouples with large seebeck coefficients, such as Pt alloys, CuNi and Cr. Optimisation of antenna will consist of reduction of materials by using nano-Ag and nano-Cu inks, providing more sustainable components.

The implementation of imbedded printed electronics wi...